The Producers Corner Sample Challenge #196

Congratulations to Best Paul for winning 1st Place for Sample Challenge #195. Da Fingaz for winning 2nd. Pariah Rebel for winning 3rd Place. Artifex for 4th Place.  Honorable mentions go to Oti Beats and GRIT.

This weeks sample selection is a three song playlist (1) "Dungeons & Catacombs-Isolated Wizard/Wandering Song (2) "菊地俊輔-遊戯のティーム" (3) "Sivuca - Lament Of Berimbau"

You may use your own drums, bass and extra sounds. Then post your composition in the comments by noon on Saturday and send your mp3 to ( you have to send it or it wont make the playlist for the show) good luck!!

For more details go to McManus. 

Be sure to join The Producers Corner broadcast every Saturday evening (4PM Eastern Standard Time) for the reviews via You Tube Live