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              The Producers Corner Sample Challenge #335

Congratulations to ILL EYEZ for winning (1st Place) in Sample Challenge #335 (2nd Place) goes to ABWSKURE, (3rd Place) goes to SCOTT LISSY, (4th Place) goes to SIC AL, (5th Place) goes to $-CENTS

                                    335 PLAYLIST

1. ELVIO MONTI - Love, Soul, Love

2. YGiani Marchetti - Gudrun

3. OM - Samarkand

4. Polish Radio Orchestra - Why Do You Say Goodbye

5. Michel Colombier-L'Alpagueur (Final)

6. Jacques Morali-Shivas Regal


You may use your own drums, bass and extra sounds. Then post your composition in the comments by noon on Saturday and send your mp3 to ( you have to send it or it wont make the playlist for the show) good luck!!

For more details go to McManus. Instagram: The Producers Corner

Be sure to join The Producers Corner broadcast every Saturday evening (4PM Eastern Standard Time) for the reviews via You Tube Live 

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