The Producers Corner Sample Challenge #175

Congratulations to Luv Jones for winning 1st Place for Sample Challenge #174. 2nd place goes to Morten Berg. In 3rd Place was Stixx Jones. 4th Place was JSimms (JMJ5). Chichan for 5th Place. 6th place winner is Abe and in 7th is NERI. Honorable mentions go to Kes-a and Da Fingaz.This weeks sample selection is "Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers - Maze of sounds (Full Album)" You may use your own drums, bass and extra sounds. Then post your composition in the comments by noon on Saturday and send your mp3 to ( you have to send it or it wont make the playlist for the show) good luck!!

For more details go to McManus. 

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