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Concrete is a deeply devoted Music Producer who shares a great passion for the art of creating captivating & mesmerizing music. Born & raised in Queens, NY, he moved to the city of Miami, FL, to pursue his passion as a profession. Motivated & inspired by the drive to fascinate the hearts & minds of the people, Concrete embarked on a journey of producing music. He always had an incredible inclination towards the art..

Concrete has pursued the entertainment industry for more than 12 years and embarked on his musical journey in the year 2006. He had worked as an artist at Valdon Records and has had the honor of serving as an engineer at Suite 105 & Studio 3J. As a professional artist, Concrete’s aim is to contribute to the growth & development of modern-day music with the help of his unique creativity & knowledge. He had been producing music under the label Concrete Soundz since 2010 & had remarkably evolved as an artist during this span of time.

Concrete holds an incredible respect for the entertainment industry and serves with an aim to grow & mature as an artist. He is a family man who greatly values the attributes of strong moral & loyalty. Besides this, he shares an exceptional passion for the game & is prone to living a fast-paced life.

Concrete Soundz
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